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Sunday, November 29, 2009

What next?

Tyler is still pretty stable for his condition. He is still trying to get surgery scheduled for the cyst in his leg. He was wheeled outside to get some "fresh" air, but his blood pressure dropped and had to go back to the hospital room. He is still weak and trying to eat more. Once he gets his leg problem dealt with, he will start doing more physical therapy.

We have begun talking more about finances and the future. We can only get so far before it becomes overwhelming. There are just so many variables that are unknown still, including ....when can he leave the hospital, when can we get back to Denver, can we stay in Denver or is it just a visit? What bills can/should be paid?
Now that Tyler is conscious, we have signed a bunch of power of attorney's. We have been cutting expenses as fast as we can. We are trying to grapple with what our new reality will look like and it gets frustrating as we don't know from day to day what will happen. After a point, we back down and decide we will see what "tomorrow" will bring. I still just want to be able to help him physically and emotionally.

Tyler has learned more about his LVAD. How it sits in his body, what the components are, and has started switching from direct power to batteries. I was able to change his dressing at the cord exit site while being instructed about how to keep things sterile. I was happy that he dozed off while I was doing it. Made me feel less nervous and that I wasn't hurting him. All these new things will become routine one day. At some point Tyler might be able to change the dressing himself while sitting in front of a mirror.

Tyler is getting closer to posting something on the blog...stay tuned.


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