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Monday, November 16, 2009

And then a better day

Today was a better day. Even though today marks 3 weeks from the initial heart attack.
This Hallmark movie continues on.

We met Nurse Carlton. He was very informative and let us know that they were once again trying to get Tyler off the sedatives (fentanyl, adavan, etc.). They were now using Seroquel to keep Tyler relaxed, but it isn't a sedative. In order for them to remove the tube running down his throat, Tyler has to regain consciousness, so that he can clear his throat and breath on his own. The longer the tube is in his throat, the greater chance of vocal chord paralysis. Again, didn't want to hear that but have to be prepared.

We were introduced to Janet and David who went through a very similar experience. They were dropped into Houston (they lived in Arkansas) and David had an LVAD placed also. He was unconscious for almost two months. They showed up Friday and I was shocked. There he was walking around with a little bag holding his controller and batteries. He can talk, but very quietly and has trouble forming some words. He had a lot more complications than Tyler, so if he can recover I know Tyler can.

Tyler has begun to have more facial movements (he looks pissed!), and moved his leg and arm a little bit. We continue to talk to him and I swear he can see and hear us. He is running a temperature but is also continuing to work his bladder. A great sign. He also has a pulse that you can feel. Not insignificant. We were told he wouldn't have a pulse because the LVAD is a "continuous flow" device, so in order to check his blood pressure the hospital would have to use a Doppler method. Having a pulse means the left side of his heart is still hanging in there. What we are hoping for now is that the implant will continue to support the healing of his heart and maybe the end-game will be that Tyler will be able to have the LVAD removed and not need a transplant. We have been told that this is a slim chance but I've decided I can hope and pray for this.

He also produced two tears (one from each eye), while his mother and I were talking to him. I also have to believe this is him communicating with us. I know he must be scared and still wondering what is going on. I'm hoping today will show even more signs of "waking" up.

I have posted two more entries ('Back to Houston' and 'More on the First Week') to finally get the past few weeks up to date. I know I'm forgetting certain things and more importantly the moments of humor. Such as standing across the street watching his parents. We got split up and I was going to meet them. I looked across the street and saw his father wandering around at one end and his mother at the other end looking for him and me. I finally noticed her seeing his father, shaking her head, and running to catch up. When they got across the street to my side, still not knowing I was there, I was laughing. We make each other laugh.

His mother also got onto me about drifting off. Many, many times I would just be staring off into space. She asked what I was thinking of when I did that. There truly is nothing particular I'm thinking of, I just see Tyler's name in my head as I'm still trying to comprehend this situation. His father said he was taking offense at this since I tended to drift off when he is talking. I just said, "hmmmm, isn't that interesting", while laughing.

Nicole is closer to setting the date for the Denver Rock Bottom fund raiser. She has her plan together and I won't be able to thank her enough for this.

I continue to try and keep Tyler's affairs in order as best I can and to manage my Colorado and Houston lives. But today I need to start working again. Wish me luck.

Keep your fingers crossed and the thoughts and prayers going for today!


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  1. Hang in there Robert!! I love the "pissed" part, let's just hope... that means he is fighting!!! If you ever want someone to talk with please call, I know we have never met..But I understand what kind of daily trials you are going thru in the hospital!! 260-693-1984 or cell 260-433-8551 Susan Cseri