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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hello Tyler

Tyler has made very good progress the past few days. No catheter, less IV's, and is starting to pull things together. Some things are still confusing but he knows he is in Houston and has had some type of heart surgery. He is concerned about bills, work, the animals, on and on. Reminds me of me during the first week of this crisis. I tried to reassure him that we would make it through but only day by day.

He is starting to bounce off the walls wanting his phone and saying he is bored. His phone is on the way and I got him a hand held poker game and his iPod. It will still be a while before the nurses are going to allow him to make calls.

This afternoon they didn't have to lift him from his chair back to the bed. He, with support, was able to stand and then be lowered to the bed. Physical therapy will be back on Monday to keep working with him. He is asking a lot of questions and trying to soak it all in. He got sad twice while we were talking but for the majority of the visit he was doing fine. He is not eating much and he may be given medicine to help his appetite.

I said to him, "Do you remember the blog I did about my cancer?".
Tyler: "Yeah. I have one now?".
Robert: "Yep!"
Tyler: "good."

He has shown interest in starting to take over the blog at some point. Of course this would mean that he will be reading the events he has forgotten. He was surprised that we were in Cozumel only for one day. I told him we had a good day up until the attack. He seemed to remember that his phone would be coming from Verizon and would need to be signed for. I had to tell him that Bill and Heidi had already retrieved his phone from the plane he left it on. But what he was remembering is that he had made a call to Verizon about his lost phone and at the time Verizon was going to have to ship him a new one. I don't know if he will remember/realize more fragments from the trip or not.

I also wanted to thank Nicole Bauman for wanting to host a fundraiser. This is one of the first things she talked about when she heard the news. She has it scheduled for December 6th at Rock Bottom Brewery (Tyler's old restaurant). She is going to have a raffle and if you know of any donations, please let her know.

My favorite part of the evening was just sitting next to Tyler watching the Sunday night football game for a little bit. My first goal has been achieved.....


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  1. Robert,
    I have read all of your blogs. You are doing so much - it is impressive. I have great faith that Tyler will pull through this. You just remember to take care of yourself too. Please give my best to Tyler.
    Betsy Fox Vance (Kelley and Ann's aunt - Gregors sister)- I met you in New Orleans, Denver-- and then just Tyler in San Diego