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Thursday, November 12, 2009

11/11/2009 - Surgery Update

Tyler went into surgery today around 8:00 am. This surgery was to implant an LVAD (Left Ventricle Assist Device) so that the left side of his heart could begin pumping blood through his body. They also had to do three by-passes on certain arteries of the heart.

This afternoon his was moved from surgery back to the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit, but to a new bed. The surgery went very well, but this is just the beginning of a very long road for Tyler. They are letting him slowly come out of sedation just long enough to ascertain his neurological state. Then they will sedate him again. His sternum has been wired back together, but the incision is still open for now. If all goes well over night then they will close the incision tomorrow.

I will be posting more information as I have time to explain what happened in Cozumel and start doing more updates since this blog is up and running. I do want to stress that Tyler is still far from being out of the woods and it appears we will be in Houston for many more months to come. This is actually the beginning of the long road for Tyler's recovery and he will need a lot of rest and care along the way.

He can receive cards to the hospital but no plants or flowers of any kind.
The hospital's website is: http://www.sleh.com/sleh/index.cfm.


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  1. Robert, i can't imagine what a nightmare this has been for you both. Thank you so much for returning my call, for doing the blog, for keeping us informed. Stay strong, you are both much loved