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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Status - 11/14/2009

I saw Tyler this morning at about 5:30 am. He was sleeping but slowly tried to wake up. He is still under the influence and his muscles in every part of his body are weak. He opened his eye lids and move his eyes a bit. He also had some deep yawns, but then gagged a bit on the tube running down his throat. He then started slightly moving his arms and legs. Maybe by the 10:00 visitation he will be moving more (fingers crossed). I was also told that his breathing had improved (he is still on a ventilator). Right before I left, I said I was leaving but would be back, and a single tear came out of his eye. I don't know how much he is really comprehending right now, but can hardly wait for him to at least get past the next day or two.

Things change day to day, but it looks like he will be in ICU for a couple of more days. Then he will be moved to the 8th floor, where rehab will start. We are still looking at about 4 - 6 weeks before he would be discharged from the hospital.


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