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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

John Doe - Gunshot Wound


Tuesday seemed like a pretty normal day.  Tyler walked the dogs in the morning and we both worked like normal.   Tuesday evening decided to be exciting.

Just after finishing dinner, while watching TV, Tyler started to tell me he was dizzy, having double-vision, and a bit nauseous.   Like everything theses days it started off as a "wait-and-see" event.  He then mentioned that he felt like this in the morning also.   I told him to call the VAD coordinator just in case.

He sent a text to the Kathe, the VAD coordinator, but then didn't remember sending the text or changing his batteries or talking to DJ on the phone.   Kathe texted back asking a couple of questions and then called.  We started discussing the symptoms and Kathe decided to call Dr. Brieke.  While waiting for the doctor to call back, Tyler's nausea came back and he vomited.    We then tested for a possible stroke.  Eye movement, hand grip,  facial muscles....   It seemed like Tyler's blood pressure had dropped or it could be that he was just sick.   Once we told Kathe about the very short term memory loss, the night became exciting.

Tyler had decided to lay down in bed and go to sleep.  Kathe had other plans for us.   I got Tyler up and we drove to the ER at the hospital.   This was about 8:30pm.   Neither of us were panicked (although I did almost side-swipe a car on the interstate ).   We got to the ER and were admitted immediately.    I wished I had brought a pen and some pictures of Tyler so he could sign autographs.   Everyone wanted to come see the LVAD patient since they rarely get one in the ER.  They took his vitals and things seemed fine.   Tyler was actually feeling better by this time.   He also mentioned that he has been having headaches for the past couple of weeks, so a CT scan was ordered.  A mention was made that they might admit him for overnight observation.   Tyler's response:  "No. No I'm not staying overnight.   I shouldn't have mentioned anything.  I'm not staying."  We agreed that if nothing significant was discovered we were going home.

The initial wave of doctors/nurses/paramedics coming in to see the LVAD had died down and things were quite while we waited for the results of the CT scan.  Then we were told paramedics were bringing in a gunshot victim into the same ER room we were in.   The activity picked up again as everyone was rushing to prepare for the new arrival.   Curtains were drawn between us and where the victim was going to be and they brought in a 16 year old gunshot victim.   Tyler, Kathe, and I stayed huddled very close to Tyler's bed while listening to all the activity going on.   The scene wasn't quite like the TV hospital shows.  Granted, lots of activity, but just not as dramatic.   It seemed like within minutes the doctors and nurses had things under control and moved the victim to an OR room.

We got the results of the CT scan and things looked fine.   We think Tyler drank to much water during the day and depleted his sodium.   So now the remedy is to drink some juice, infused water, or Gatorade in addition to the water he is drinking.  He is also going to have an echo-cardiogram this Friday.   They are still feeling a pulse and may have to adjust his pump.  They are a little concerned about possible "suction" events.  Basically if his left ventricle is pumping more than the pump, it creates a suction of the flap between the right and left ventricle.   (Reminder:  I'm not a doctor and only play one at home.   I may not have this info exactly correct.)  If this is the case then they will adjust the pump speed.   I'm still hopeful his left ventricle his getting stronger.   I mean we are talking about the "miracle child" and Tyler has beat all expectations already.

We got back home around 1:30am and went to bed.  Today has started out normal again so fingers crossed!