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Friday, November 20, 2009

And then the next day

As I was hoping the next day was better. Tyler does better in the morning after he has had some rest (and probably me to). He is still foggy but not as bad as yesterday. The nurses started to comment how Tyler is being satirical and funny with them. The social worker told Tyler that he was on Seroquel because he might be experiencing anxiety. Tyler's response: "You think!".

In the morning he thought we were at Mary Alice's house. This was the name of the nurse on duty. Also thought it was Wednesday, but when I told him to look at the board he saw that I had written that it was Friday, the 20th of November. Seemed like it amazed him it was Friday and not Wednesday, but didn't faze him that it was November.

In the afternoon, the physical therapy nurses came by and got him to be able to sit up on the edge of the bed. This had worn him out completely. It is amazing how much of his muscles have atrophied.

A nurse from the cath lab that had been there when Tyler was first brought in came by to see Tyler. He wanted to see the progress Tyler had made and to let Tyler know that Tyler's case was being presented on Saturday to a large group of doctors. The nurse told Tyler that after an accident, he was in the hospital and in recovery for over a year and that if Tyler wants to rebuild your life, he can. Tyler seemed to stay very focused on what he was saying.

I bought him a ball to work on his hand strength. He is now being given a liquid diet (thick apple juice, soup, thick tomato juice), but is still being primarily fed through the feeding tube. Tyler is very thin.

He also talked about Toby again and wondered if Toby was okay. He wanted to see Toby on Saturday, but I explained that Toby was in Denver with DJ and was being taken care of. He then came back to reality and said that he understood, but missed Toby.

The physical therapy really wore him out and he went to sleep pretty quick. I stayed with him awhile and then finally had to leave. Tyler seemed to only "check out" a couple of times while I was talking to him. He continues to want to get back to work, walk the dogs, and more. The nurses and doctors are bringing him up to speed on the medical side and I will have to start bringing him up to date on the personal side. To be honest, I'm not quite sure how slow to go as there are some very large decisions looming. But for now, still 'kid gloves'.


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