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Thursday, November 12, 2009

St. Luke's Hospital - 10/26/2009

At this time it was just about midnight. We had gotten Tyler to the Hospital around 9:30pm. I met the lady who had shouted "is that my husband". Her name is Mitzi and it was great to talk to someone and console each other. I still didn't my phone so I stared making credit card calls trying to get in touch with Kelly. I still didn't know she had been notified. Also at this time Dr. Karr and Dr. Sherron came out to tell me what was happening and that Tyler not only had a massive heart attack, but that due to the delay his heart was very damaged. Comments like, "if he survives tonight" were being made.

Kelly arrived at the hospital and was able to notify me. I met her out front and she told me she had already talked to DJ (our friend who rents Tyler's apartment). I used Kelly's phone and called DJ. This was when I really started crying. The overwhelming feeling of the situation took over and I was scared. This is also the moment when DJ was put to the test by me and has passed with flying colors. He got in touch with our house sitter, explained the situation, and now has even moved in to the house to take care of the "children" (Toby, Bowser, Max, and Marlow). I also called an updated him Mom and Dad about what was going on. It was becoming apparent that they were going to need to make plans to come to Houston.

During this time Tyler had to be shocked a couple of times to get his heart going again after flat lining. They cleared a clog but were unable to clear another one. This is also when I lost Tyler. He wasn't on the 6th floor, he wasn't back in ER, I couldn't find him. The St. Luke's staff tracked him down and told me I should get some rest. Kelly secured a room at the Marriott and we finally got to lay down for a little bit. We got to the hotel around 3 am on 10/27/2009. During this first week I always felt like it was still Sunday, just one long day that never stopped.

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