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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hard Day for the Family

Yesterday we discussed with the doctor about Tyler's waking up progress. He explained that it may take a week before he actually wakes up and there was a possibility that he may never wake up. Needless to say I was pretty upset. Then I understood that Tyler is still on sedatives and they are trying to ween him off. The problem is that when they stop the sedatives, he starts to hyper-ventilate. So it appears it is going to be a slow process.

His parents and I were in a funk, but by yesterday evening re-assured ourselves that Tyler is strong and will come through this. Amazing, but we are all looking forward to Tyler yelling and complaining.

Looks like by this afternoon he will probably have to have a tracheotomy so they can remove the tube down his throat. While I don't want this, it will be better for him and maybe the hyper-ventilating is due to him not liking the tube.

Some of his chest drainage tubes were remove along with some PIC lines. He "moved his bowels" or as the nurse said "he made a poopy". This is another good sign that he is coming back.

The nurse handed us a paper that showed how much blood product Tyler has used so far and encouraged us to donate. Of course the three of us can't donate blood (me for at least 5 years due to the cancer and chemo), but Temple and Trenton (brother and sister of Tyler) donated while they were in Houston. The information was for the local blood bank in Houston. At this point if you would like to donate blood, go to your local blood bank and you may be able to donate it in Tyler's name. This wouldn't mean it would go directly to Tyler or to Houston, but thank god people donated in Houston so Tyler could have theirs. They don't want to give Tyler to much blood because it makes it harder down the road to match to a donor heart.



  1. Hi Robert, my name is Susan Whan Cseri.. I am an old highschool friend of Tylers.. I happen to be a CVIC nurse .. I have been a nurse for 20yrs but have been doing CVIC nursing for the last 12 of my career.. I know what Tyler is going through right now for I take care of patients that are on LVADS and have had heart transplants.. I know what a long journey this is for both of you and for the entire family..Please sned his parents my love and know that I am thinking and praying for Tyler each day..Please remember to take care of yourself as well... I am sure he would want you to!! I will follow your updates...Thank you

  2. Hi Robert, I just received the blog information from Kelley. I am so very sorry for all that you and Tyler are going through. Please know that you both are in my thoughts and prayers every day. I love you both and will do what ever i can to help. Please let me know if there is anything from here that Ronn and i can do. Give Tyler a big kiss from me and tell him that i know he is going to get better. He's to much of a fighter not too! Love you lots Trish

  3. Robert, although I know this is a very hard time for you, I hope you know that by your doing this blog, it widens the thoughts and prayers for Tyler, you and his family. Each day with great anticipation I look to this hoping that the news is a little bit brighter. As so many before me have said, Tyler is a fighter and loves life. I know that his spirit wants to live a long and wonderful life...with you. Never give up on that assurance. Please do whatever it is that you need to take care of yourself at this time, soon you will need everything you can muster to help Tyler through his recovery. Please feel free to call or write whenever you need someone to talk to. All my love prayers to the two of you.