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Sunday, December 6, 2009

In Denver

I decided to come back for the weekend. It was hard leaving Tyler again, especially since no one is in Houston. Okay, the professionals are there.

And of course it is snowing in Denver. Hopefully it won't be to much. I plan on attending the benefit tonight at Rock Bottom and kinda kept my coming back a secret. Didn't know if I would make it back and just wanted to sit quietly in DJ's house...I mean mine and Tyler's house. Feels very weird. Waking up this morning I was hoping that the last 6 weeks had been a dream. Guess not.

Tyler was still in pain yesterday but was moved back to the 12th floor. He harassed the 2nd floor nurse, Zereena, to let me come back for visitation since I was leaving. The nurse called me and almost begged me to come back!

He is eating a lot better. He was moving his right foot better also. He is still having some trembling from the drugs and it makes it hard for him to type on the laptop. I talked to him this morning and he seems to have lost some feeling again in his foot.

Tyler is starting to grapple with what the future holds, what bills are due, what he owes to everyone and how to get it done.

Dr. Karr showed Tyler and I a cardiogram of a beating heart. He then showed us Tyler's heart when he came in that first night. It was just sitting there doing nothing. The doctor said it was divine intervention that Tyler was here with us.

Janet, whose husband has an LVAD also, graciously visited Tyler last night and took him some home-made spaghetti. Very nice and Tyler said it was great.

So, I'm hoping to see a lot of people tonight and be able to express our thanks for all the support. Tyler and I both still feeling very odd at being in this position but know we can't do this alone.


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  1. A great success tonight and such joy for everyone that you were there to be part of the evening Robert! Thank you for making the trip!