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Thursday, December 3, 2009

A better day?

Thanks to everyone for letting me rant in my last post. I got my fears and stress out and feel better today. Hope I didn't scare to many people (including Tyler....I know you are reading this! Great, I'm going to have to only tell good Tyler stories now!)

Tyler did not have surgery today....again! They decided to try and aspirate the area in his leg, but were only able to get a little blood out. They think the problem is still a cyst or something in the muscle. So guess what.....surgery scheduled for tomorrow (third time is the charm!) The doctors are still worried about the anesthesia that Tyler will be under and the blood thinners he has been on. They had reduced the blood thinners a couple of days ago so I'm very hopeful he will be fine. We are both really praying that this gets resolved tomorrow. He is still in a lot of pain but hanging in there. Seems like his spirit is holding together and getting all the cards, email, and e-greetings is helping a lot.

Tyler is doing better than me on keeping up with all his "numbers". His INR is this, his blah blah is that. He knows what meds he is taking, what they do, and when they are scheduled. He goes over the details with each nurse, each shift and really seems to be taking control of things. The nurses and therapist seem to be hanging in there with him and are great at going over things. I know I should be keeping up with this also, but I'm just enjoying talking with Tyler and watching him....hoping he gets better and better. His appetite is also better and I'm getting to hear "I'm...starving!" again (yea).

We were able to get some more things taken care of and the list is getting shorter. We are both still amazed at how the fundraiser on Sunday is taking shape. We have gone to Max Fund's benefit (no-kill shelter) twice and know that side of a benefit/fundraiser. So it is an odd feeling to be on the other side of a benefit. It is an odd, humbling experience but in a good, positive way.

Tyler was very nice to me and gave me the "night off". I went back to the apartment (I refuse to call it "home") and was able to start tying up some loose ends and get my notes together.

So, it was not great that the aspiration wasn't all we had hoped for but at least there is actual action being taken on the problem. I got to sit next to his bed as he slept this afternoon (I think due to new meds) and got to watch a fascinating show on counterfeiting money. Hmmmmm, interesting idea. We got to spend more time together without a ton of interruptions. So it was a better day. I think.


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