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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Good to be home

Tyler and I made it home on Tuesday the 12th around 4pm. We made the trip in two days and stopped for the night on Monday in Blackwell, OK. When we left Blackwell it was about 20 degrees and heavy fog. The fog lasted for a couple of hours on our drive and started to dissipate once we were on I-70 headed west. The closer we got to Colorado the sunnier and warmer it became. As we crossed the state line into Colorado it was 64 degrees and sunny. I'm counting this as a cosmic sign that we were supposed to be going home.

We are adjusting to being home and starting a new routine. Still unpacking and sorting through the mail that has piled up. I had an electrician install a grounded outlet in the bedroom for the power module and he also put it on a dedicated circuit. The placement is perfect and allows Tyler to reach all the rooms upstairs. The "kids" were very glad to see us and of course Toby was very happy to see Tyler again. DJ stayed at the house the first night and most of Wednesday to help out. He truly has been wonderful and I still can't believe he was able to move into the house during Act I and Act II of Tyler's Heart! Unfortunately for DJ there is some separation anxiety between him and Toby.

We met with one of the VAD Coordinators (Kathe) at University of Colorado Hospital (UCH) on Friday while having blood work done. UCH is located in Aurora which is on the east side of Denver, in a very new medical center/campus, and about 20 minutes away from our house. On January 25th we will meet with the doctors, VAD coordinators, and the transplant social workers. Tyler's results came back and his INR level is 1.5, white blood cell count good, and a bit anemic (but still in a good range).

Friends have started coming by to "lay hands" on Tyler, bring meals, and to start getting trained on the LVAD equipment so that they can take Tyler around town without me. We also were treated to hair cuts by Orlando which was very appreciated! I was able to get my blood work and X-ray done Thursday and have a CT scan on Monday followed by my oncology appointment next Wednesday.

So things are slowly getting to a "new normal" and now Act III starts - waiting for a heart.


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  1. SO, SO happy you are home! Believe it and you'll see it, right?!