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Friday, September 30, 2011

A Reprieve


Tyler had an oncology appointment today to discuss the results of his PET and CT scan done this week.  Both test came back negative for signs of cancer.  Yeah!

What this means is that there is no evidence of cancer at this time.  He will continue to have CT Scans (next one in three months).  There is always the possibility that there is cancer floating around that is to small to be picked up by the scans at this time, but at this time the appendectomy may have removed the cancer he had.

Since regular scans are being performed we should be able to catch signs of cancer early.
If a scan picks up signs of cancer, it could be localized or spread around a large area.  If localized there still could be the possibility of surgery to remove what is found.  If spread around, then adjunctive chemo could be implemented to prolong life but it wouldn't "cure" the cancer at that point.

So, a reprieve for now.  My attitude is to take this as a good sign and move forward.   Tyler has some possibilities of interior design clients and no signs of cancer.  My business is doing better and better and I'm still cancer free.   The animals are doing well..... life is good in this moment.

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